Case Studies

We believe a sharp search strategy, execution and client partnership leads to success. Which is why we invest in focussing on all the three aspects equally, all the time. A few examples.


Global FMCG giant

In the early 2000s, when we were just starting out, a large European FMCG major approached us to hire marketing talent. Our research revealed that it was seen as a company which believed in adapting its international brand ideas directly, and not doing as much original marketing in India. Perceived more as a product driven company and not a purposeful employer brand. We believed that surely a billion dollar company had many reasons to be successful across over a 100 countries. We ferreted out examples of the company’s local innovation efforts in heartland India. Communicated its strong employee development programs. As a result, the company was able to attract talent from much larger established MNCs, some of whom are with the company even today, after 15 years and doing extremely well.

An online lottery pioneer

We worked on the insight that the lottery business was strikingly similar to the alcohol business in India. A business of scale, distribution, targetting males, an uncertain regulatory environment, with different legislation in different states and seen as slightly murky by most Indians. While we searched in categories such as consumer products, automotive and lubricants, our focus was on the liquor industry and it did not surprise anyone that the hired candidate came from the alcobev sector. What was more fascinating and a delightful vindication of our strategy was his observation of the segmentation parallels: Country liquor was like “matka” (a form of gambling, very popular amongst lower income urban Indian males), paper lottery was similar to Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) and online lottery could be compared to imported liquor, delivering a fourfold revenue growth in three years! A game changer, literally and otherwise!!

A global ad agency in Sri Lanka

A top tier global supercharged network advertising agency wanted us to find a creative leader for its Sri Lanka operations. At that time, it was a country ravaged by war, but on the brink of positive change. While it is a small market, it had and has extremely high creative ambitions. We targetted Cannes Winners, with turnaround capabilities. Packaged prestige of the job by elevating designation and expanded responsibilities, conveyed expat lifestyle of family, and long term growth. Client involvement was exemplary as they engaged with candidate across continents, and the agency hired one of India’s top integrated creative directors.

A rapidly growing MNC in business intelligence

One of our clients is a large MNC in market research and business intelligence, rapidly scaling up into different areas such as analytics, KPO. With an extremely stable leadership team, it had to prepare for the replacement of its IT head, who had done a commendable job for over 20 years. The president of the company saw it as an excellent opportunity to bring in not only a capable successor, but also help change internal opinions in the way the IT function was seen. Working closely with him, we suggested individuals who besides meeting all the technical and behavioural competencies belonged to the gender opposite to that of the incumbent head. Something not very common in India. The client readily agreed and this helped us not only close the position, but also signal the intended change in the perception of the function to the company’s employees very quickly. Besides enhancing its already formidable reputation of being an equal opportunity employer.