There is something finer, rarer than ability. It is the ability to find ability.

If you are looking to hire senior talent, you may want to consider us, for the reasons several of our clients probably have.


Focus on clients’ businesses

We are centred on helping clients succeed, predominantly in the branded products and services space. That is the area which we think we understand. Our solid foundation of over 12 years in the Indian advertising profession, helps us in viewing organisations from various perspectives and use that effectively in impacting and attracting talent. We often undertake actual market visits, to get a first-hand sense of business realities.



Research forms the backbone of our work. Our research team has the experience, capability and sensitivity in communicating with time starved senior professionals, day in and day out. At times, night in and night out!


Consistency and sensitivity

The involvement of the managing consultant is complete in every search assignment, automatically ensuring consistency and focus on quality. There will never be an instance of a junior consultant meeting either client or candidate. We have the sensitivity to heed seriousness (or sometimes lack of it!) of a candidate early on in the hiring process.

A partnership approach with best practices

We use industry benchmarked best practices for each assignment. Elaborate briefing documents, assessment reports, benchmarking. Several times, we conduct confidential searches.


Unique skill to position a search

Whether you are a global MNC or an ambitious start-up, we work as an extension of your organisation in the market. We have the unique and necessary skills to position your company and an assignment sharply and impactfully in the market.


Small is large

For any other firm, you are just another client. Never for us. Our future success and reputation depends upon the success of each and every one of our assignments. Hence we only take on those mandates which we think we can do full justice to.


Many a time, we have happily introduced individuals to companies, absolutely pro bono. To simply experience the delight that connections make. After all, a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Just ask Sunil, Vineet, Javed, Girish, Srikanth and many more.

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